who we are

We are a healthcare organization incorporated with the sole aim of providing personalized health care that offers our Clientele base peace of mind.

Our Vision

To be the leading health management organization of choice in the Nigerian healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To improve access to quick, affordable, and efficient healthcare services that gives our clients peace of mind.

our Core Values

Setting The Standard For Outstanding High-Quality Care And Patient Safety!!







Novation (Innovation)

Personalized healthcare service


Why Choose Us?

We stand out from other health care providers with our clear-cut features such as:

Serene health care offers fee-for-service to her clients. Not capitation. Fee for service enables clients to have high quality medication and enable specialist consultations whenever the need arises.

We operate a policy that claims received from provider hospitals are paid within two weeks. This encourages the providers to pay special and great attention to Serene Health Care enrollees. 

Spending hours in the hospital to see a doctor due to the challenges of enrollee list does not apply to Serene Health Care as she strictly utilizes the identity card and our clients can easily and quickly access healthcare.

We offer round the clock accessibility through our toll free lines and 24-hour Emergency help services.

Affordable premium to ensure maximum participation by individuals and corporate bodies.

Serene Health Care provides free well equipped first aid boxes. 

Every month, Serene Health Care conducts free medical check to our clients; this includes blood sugar checks, Blood Pressure Checks, BML etc. 

Our client/provider satisfaction is maximized through our feedback monitoring mechanism via use of questionnaire, users; forum, focus-groups, and interviews etc.

Preventive health awareness programs are conducted to enlighten staff on the risk of future illness allowing early intervention and treatment to promote productivity in the work place

Healthcare packages

Serene Diamond

Comprehensive health suppliers

Plus core bundle with standard wards

Comprehensive health suppliers

Comprehensive health suppliers

Red Ruby

Enhanced health suppliers

Plus enhanced core bundle with semi private wards

Comprehensive health suppliers

For individuals and families

Sapphire Blue

Enhanced premier health suppliers

Plus premier enhanced core-bundle with private wards

Plus six key additional incentives

For individuals and families

Emerald Green

Enhanced royal suppliers

Plus royal enhanced core bundle with private rooms

Plus eight key additional incentives

For individuals and families

Our Services



We stand by you when you are unable to cover healthcare payments from your pocket…


We provide you with healthcare advice, treating the patient as a whole rather than depending only on random symptoms.

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Supply of Healthcare Equipments

We supply quality and affordable healthcare equipment to upgrade your health facility or first aid.

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