Additional Incentives

  1. First aid training
  2. Use of high quality medication
  3. Serene health care does not operate capitation which limits the quality of healthcare but fee for service which gives you high standard of health care delivery
  4. No authorization required to access health care you don’t need to spend hours in the hospital waiting for authorizations. you are attended to within 10-15 minutes
  5. Child guard cover
  6. Telemedicine
  7. Personal touch to the service with a personal relationship manager.
  8. Free medical and optical screening
  9. Pharmacy benefits management for enrollees with chronic conditions: direct delivery or drugs to home/office.
  10. Hospital pre-booking service-our clients do not have to do long queue for service at the hospitals; we pre-book clients visits.
  11. Hello doctor service (live chat with a doctor) available free on trending medical topics