Everyone complains about not having access to the best HMO in Nigeria. 

Uncle Charles, a Twitter user once shared “We live in a country where health insurance is not accessible. The budget for healthcare is abysmal and the budget for education is embarrassing.” 

Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a Nigerian stage, and film director asked for health insurance recommendations on Twitter. Tamara, another Twitter user commented “There’s no best health insurance to get, not even in Nigeria”

The cathartic results of these complaints are enormous; a lot can happen when quality healthcare is not accessible. It is appalling to hear these sad stories, but let’s change that

If you have a bias toward health insurance, we suggest you read till the end of this article. Why should you do that?

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll be fully convinced about why you should consider getting health insurance, and you will find out easy ways you can have access to quality healthcare without hearing ‘stories that touch the heart’. You will also get to know more about the best HMO in Nigeria.

Impact of Access to Healthcare on Life Expectancy 


We all want to be healthy. No one loves the feeling of being sick. We’re all familiar with the saying “Health is wealth” 

Access to quality healthcare isn’t just about having access to hospitals when an emergency arises. Access to quality healthcare also involves being adequately informed of your health status. 

This is what health insurance does for you. A lot of people lose their lives because they suffer from ailments unknown to them. They go about their daily activities oblivious to the fact that they might have high blood pressure, high sugar levels, etc. 

That’s why routine checkups are recommended. As an individual, sometimes you won’t know when some organs in your body are malfunctioning. 

Let’s take a look at some other impacts of access to healthcare on life expectancy. 

Increase the quality of life 

When you’re unhealthy, you can’t do much. A sick individual appears weak and inadequate, unable to perform the expected obligations and responsibilities.

When the disease progresses, the person becomes reliant on others and unable to meet his many requirements in life, which has an impact on his psyche owing to his feelings of powerlessness and weakness.

The presence of the disease among its members has an impact on society as well, as the productivity of these individuals declines and they become more reliant on society.

When it comes to the existence of healthy people in society, this entails the presence of productive people who have the strength and ability to offer and serve.

Healthy people spend less on treatments and hospital appointments 

As we said above, you don’t have to be down with a fever or fall to the ground before you realize you’re sick. Routine checks are essential. 

A healthy person who is distant from the sickness sees him saving money that he would have spent on the disease if he had neglected his health, hence the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is usually used.

Many governments that are vulnerable to epidemics and diseases spreading among their citizens spend a significant portion of their budget on pharmaceuticals to treat these situations.

Governments and cultures that are concerned about their citizens’ safety are also focusing on areas of prevention and health advice.

Reduce the likelihood of premature death 

Insurance saves lives and removing coverage costs lives, according to the facts. 

The greater the number of people who are insured, the more their health requirements are satisfied, and the fewer people who become ill.

Now that we’ve addressed the need for health insurance, where can you access the best HMO in Nigeria?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Are these HMO in Nigeria worth it?”, keep reading. 

Serene Healthcare: The Best HMO In Nigeria 


Health Maintenance Organizations, or HMOs, are a type of managed care health insurance plan. This type of insurance plan differs from the others. 

We’re different from the others, and you will be able to see how as we discuss the several benefits available to individuals and corporations. 

Individuals need access to quality healthcare in Nigeria 

How do we help individuals access quality healthcare in Nigeria? Unlike other HMOs, we are different due to several reasons listed below, which make us one of the very best HMO in Nigeria: 

1. You are able to save on cost 

In Nigeria, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) charge a monthly fee to provide health care to their members. A modest co-payment will be required for each doctor’s appointment.

HMOs provide prepaid medical treatment, which implies that members pay a set monthly fee regardless of the amount of medical care they need.

One major benefit of purchasing a health insurance plan with HMOs is that they are often lower than other types of health insurance in terms of the amount you pay each month to be a part of the plan.

HMOs pay doctors a set monthly fee for each patient they see in some cases. With an HMO, you can also avoid unnecessary operations.

2. The convenience of having a primary care doctor 

A lot of individuals have opined that healthcare services need to be worked on. A lot of people subscribe to a health insurance plan, but they are still unable to access doctors or medical professionals when the need arises. 

A patient’s healthcare decisions are overseen and guided by a primary care physician (PCP). 

Typically, an HMO requires you to choose an in-network PCP. Even for routine care, you must first see your primary care physician or obtain a referral from your primary care physician unless you have an emergency.

When you see the same doctor on a regular basis, he or she will get to know you, your medical history, and your health objectives. This familiarity may lead to more effective and patient-centred medical care.

The hassle of waiting in line, or not being attended to is solved. There is also high coordination between the HMO provider and the healthcare provider. 

3. Our plans are affordable 

We have previously stated that as an individual, you’re able to save money, right? 

Another thing to note is that our plans (or premiums) are affordable to all types of income earners. So, you can choose to start small and make progress from there. 

We have 4 major health plans – Serene Diamond, Red Ruby, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green. Find out more about these plans here. 

It is our mission to improve access to quick, affordable, and efficient healthcare services that give our clients peace of mind.

4. Free medical checks 

Better Help stated it clearly:

“Regular health check-ups can identify any early signs of health issues. Finding problems early means that your chances for effective treatment are increased.

Many factors, such as your age, health, family history, and lifestyle choices, impact how often you need check-ups.”

In most cases, health exams are included as part of our routine medical care. When you visit your doctor for another reason, he or she will most likely do these tests. Your doctor will then advise you on how frequently you should have a health checkup.

A health checkup is also an opportunity to evaluate your lifestyle and discover where changes might be made. This could be something you do on a regular basis or something you discuss with a healthcare provider.

Convinced enough to purchase an insurance plan? Click here to get started.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about how we serve corporations and offer quality healthcare services for employees and their families. 

How We Help Employees Stay Productive 


Companies have realized over time that their staff is critical to their success and one of their most valuable assets. 

Companies should invest in insuring this asset, just as they should for every other asset. Why should employers be interested in the health of their employees?

The answer is simple:

“Healthier employees are more productive”Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (Include source link)

Buying health insurance is important spending for corporations. There are three needs for every employer to perform well in an organization: Health, Education, and Motivation. 

How do we help corporations and organizations access quality healthcare? 

Preventive health awareness forums 

Oh yes, a lot of diseases and sicknesses we suffer from can be prevented. Preventive treatment can help you live longer because it helps you to discover problems early and treat them more effectively. 

For instance, if you practice weight management and lose/keep excess weight off, you will live longer and avoid serious ailments such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Preventive health awareness workshops are held to educate employees about the risks of future sickness, allowing for early intervention and treatment to boost workplace productivity.

Access to quality healthcare for employees 

Employees can sense that the organization cares about their well-being and does not see them as a resource when they have access to quality healthcare. 

It can be one of the driving forces behind establishing a people-first workplace culture that benefits both the business and the employee.

Also, when some employees fall sick and are treated immediately, it is a replacement cost for peace and productivity. 

Free first aid boxes 

As an employer, do you have a complete first aid kit at your workplace? Not to worry, we also provide free first aid kits to all our clients. 

Free monthly checks 

Serene Healthcare offers our clients a free medical checkup once a month, which includes blood sugar tests, blood pressure checks, and BML, among other things.

Our clients are satisfied with our services, keep reading to find out what people are saying about us. 

Mr. Adetunji Richard, HR Manager of Spectrum Innovation Technologies, Ikeja, said about us:

“Serene Healthcare Management Company is a structured and vibrant organization with an unusual commitment to customer service and relationships. As a client, we are indebted to them for the prompt attention they give us, the quality services they render, and the personal touch in their service delivery. 

We’re always at home and feel relaxed when dealing with Serene Healthcare because of their listening. We have no doubt whatsoever in recommending them to any organization or individual who may wish to have a relationship with them.”

Tomi Ayoku, HR Citiserve also said:

“Serene Healthcare remains our trusted partner in the provision of healthcare to our workforce. They are reliable and have a human heart, we have never had a reason not to receive health care. They remain highly recommended, anytime, any day.’

Convinced enough to book an appointment? Start here. 

Other Incentives to Note for Both Individuals and Corporations Include: 

best hmo in nigeria 2

1. Claims payment 

We have a two-week payment policy for claims received from provider hospitals. This inspires Serene Health Care providers to pay special attention to Serene Health Care patients.

2. No enrollee list 

Serene Healthcare does not require clients to spend hours in the hospital waiting to see a doctor due to enrollment list issues since she exclusively uses the identity card and our clients may easily and quickly get healthcare.

3. Monitory mechanism 

Our feedback monitoring mechanism, which includes questionnaires, user forums, focus groups, and interviews, maximizes client/provider satisfaction.

4. Telemedicine 

Telemedicine is a cutting-edge method of gaining access to and delivering health care via digital devices like smartphones and laptops. 

Patients can simply communicate with a doctor through video and audio calls. When was the last time you visited a doctor’s office? 

Remember how long you waited in line just to pay the registration fee, and how long you waited to see a doctor for your consultation. Remember how crowded the place was, or how upset you were?

With telemedicine, we’ve been able to put an end to that.

The Fastest Way to Access Quality Healthcare in Nigeria 

Without doubts, individuals and organizations need to access the best HMO in Nigeria. “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have,” Winston Churchill once said.

Health insurance offers numerous benefits. It safeguards you against unexpectedly expensive medical expenses. 

Even before you reach your deductible, you pay less for covered in-network health care. Even before you reach your deductible, you are entitled to free preventative care, including immunizations, screenings, and some check-ups.

We take pleasure in providing quick, accessible, and cheap healthcare services without sacrificing efficiency or quality at Serene Healthcare. Get started with us today. 

Conclusion on the Best HMO in Nigeria

Finally, we’ve come to the end of it all on the best HMO in Nigeria. Already, you’ve been exposed to the various reasons why Serene Healthcare stands out among the rest, but if you still have further questions, please contact us HERE.